Attention! This is a potentially life-threatening condition for your bird and possibly your flock. Time is of the essence, contact your veterinarian immediately.Find me a Vet


Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis is defined as inflammation of the conjunctiva (membranes that line the eyelids) and the exposed sclera (white part of the eye). Conjunctivitis can occur as a result of local factors (localized bacterial, fungal or viral infection or foreign body), as a secondary manifestation resulting from a primary periorbital or orbital disease. Conjunctivitis can be eye-sight threatening to ducks if left untreated.


Thinning in the feathers around eye
Eyelid drooping
Hair loss


  • History
  • Clinical signs
  • Eye exam
  • Laboratrory tests


Colman Collyre Noir Drops
MicrocynAH® Pink Eye Spray
Vetericyn® Plus Eye Wash
PetAlive Eye-Heal
OptixCare Eye Cleaning Wipes
Burts Bee Eye Wash Solution
Doctor4Paws Tears Cleaning Wipes
MethodMethod Summary
Identification of the primary cause
Antibiotic eye ointment



Risk Factors

  • High dust environment
  • Exposure to high levels of ammonia