• Phillip photograph
  • Phillip photograph

Diagnosed with: Frostbite

Phillip The Frostbite Survivor

Phillip's History

Phillip is a duck who lost both his legs to frostbite. He was one of several domestic and farm animals that had been neglected by their owners and rescued from enduring conditions, including exposure to and lack of protection from a bitter cold Wisconsin winter. By the time Phillip was found, his feet already showed advanced stages of frostbite---they had deteriorated to the point where they were starting to curl up and wither away. At this point, Phillip was unable to stand or walk, and was in poor condition. A local teacher saw Phillip on the news and decided she wanted to adopt and care for him. Although things looked grim for Phillip, his human did not give up on him. She did research online and found that the use of 3D Printing technology might be a viable option for Phillip. She teamed up with another teacher who had access to a 3D printer and willing to help. Together, they printed new feet for Phillip.