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Ozzie The Amputee Goose

Ozzie is a male goose that lives in South Africa. She was rescued by Sue Berger as part of an animal rescue effort. Ozzie had sustained a severe fracture in her left leg, so bad in fact that amputation of the limb was the only option. As a result of the amputation, Ozzie had great difficulty performing normal goose activities--such as walking. Because the rest of his body overcompensated, it caused him to end up breaking wings and damaging other parts of his body. Ozzie's owner could not bare to see him continue to struggle, however she also did not want to give up on him, so she sought help from others----experts in 3D printing technology to help print a new leg for Ozzie to be able to walk again normally.

Once Ozzie's owner assembled a team to help, then came the part of designing the prosthetic. BunnyCorp who were responsible for the design of Ozzie's leg, started the process by measuring Ozzie's good leg, in order to size up the dimensions properly in their computer program. Once the design of his leg was complete, they sent it to Hybrid Advanced Geometries for 3D printing.

About BunnyCorp

BunnyCorp are a Rapid Product Development Company in South Africa with more than a decade's worth of experience in the 3D Printing Industry, working with FDM, SLA & SLS processes. Their experience gives them a unique understanding of the different 3D Printing processes, the Design Advantages and the Restrictions that comes with each of these Additive & Subtractive Technologies. They Specialize in Design, CAD Modeling & Digital Sculpting for Additive Manufacturing, Product Design & Development, CAD Training & Consultation for design & 3D Printing.
Website: bunnycorp.co.za